The Essential Guide To Planning Your Dream Move Abroad


Get your step by step guide to planning your dream move abroad on your mobile, tablet or laptop for just £2.99 now. This eBook will talk you through finances, locations, family, housing and more in an easily downloadable PDF format that you can read on the go!


This step by step eBook takes you through the 10 key stages of planning your move abroad in an easily downloadable eBook/PDF format that you can read on the go!

It’s based on my personal moving abroad experience with my family and covers important areas like finances, location, shipping, lifestyle, employment and more. It’s your essential guide to making your own move a success.

A big life change is challenging and moving abroad is probably one of the biggest changes you can make. You need to know where to focus your attention because there is so much to think about. When I moved abroad I couldn’t find a convenient place to get started and, as a result, I created ‘The Essential Guide To Planning Your Dream Move Abroad’ eBook. The eBook covers 10 key steps that are especially relevant when moving abroad and will focus your thinking in the right places.

The 10 key move abroad steps that you’ll follow as well as learning about my experience and the challenges we faced as a family.

  1. Why, why, why – Is it what you and your family really want?
  2. Location location location – How do you work out where you should live?
  3. No comprende – How will language impact your transition?
  4. Show me the money – Where will you get your income from?
  5. No place like home – What are your living options, what’s best for you?
  6. To ship or not to ship – Are you taking your stuff with you?
  7. Staying healthy – How will you take care of your health?
  8. Friends with benefits – How will you build your support network?
  9. It’s been emotional – Are the people involved emotionally ready?
  10. Plan Z: What happens if it doesn’t work out?

So, read the eBook and have an awesome plan. Because this will almost certainly help you achieve a successful move abroad. Go for it!

Read more about My Story of moving abroad to get a feel for the eBook.

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