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I’ll include links to all the services, companies and products I’ve used as part of my relocation, as well as information on any other useful things I come across that I think could have helped me and my family for our move abroad. If you’ve got any other ideas for good moving abroad resources that you might have used then just drop me a an email and I’ll add it on.


Sky Scanner – I used this site a few times to get the best price across different airlines. Skyscanner is great for single journeys as it compares other flights but it is even better for return journeys as it’ll match the best options for you. I’ll be using SKyscanner for future holidays.

easyJet Holidays – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve flown with easyJet Holidays over the past 12 months but I have to say that most of the time the experience was pretty straight forward. It’s much better now that they’ve introduced allocated seating as the fight for seats was always what caused us problems in the past!

British Airways – I traveled slightly less frequently with BA but they definitely deliver a more superior service than many others. And actually, it’s not that much more expensive as everything is included in the cost. It’s worth comparing the prices of the lower cost airlines and BA as you might be surprised.

Monarch Flights – Monarch have always been reliable for me. I’ve flown with them a few times in the past and I actually ended up getting a flight back to Spain with them when I was using SkyScanner to mix and match flights. The price is fair (and inline with most) and the flights are good. On my last flight I met a guy who ran an international clothing business, which was an added bonus.

Moving abroad forums

There are a heap of forums that you can use to research, build networks and generally crowd source information to help you move abroad. Get signed up and don’t be shy, is these forums could really be a life saver in a number of ways.

This is just a list of forums that you can take a look at. Probably best to get onto each one and also hunt down any that are specific to the country your moving to.. I’ll continue to add to this as I find more:

Expat Exchange – General forum for people moving and living abroard

Expat Forum – General forum for people moving and living abroad

Expat Women – Forum focused on women moving and living abroad

Expat Blog – Actually a blog for expats, but also has a forum

Brits Abroad – Forum specifically aimed at British communities and moving abroad

Learn a new language

Duolingo – A free website and mobile app where you can select the language you want to learn and progress from basics to intermediate and then more advanced topics. I’ve used this alongside other tools and found it a great help.

Duolingo will help you learn the following languages (although I think they’ll continue to add more):

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • German

Mind Snacks – I used this when I had an iPhone and really enjoyed the format. You learn by playing games and as you progress the games get harder and the words/phrases are more challenging. I learnt a load of basics using it and was thoroughly disappointed when I moved to an Android phone and realised it wasn’t available on the platform. I’ve just checked their site though and they’re bringing out a mindsnacks android version this year! Amazing.

Each language is £2.99 to get access to all the levels of the game although I think they have a trial version. You can also pay £13.99 to get access to all subjects (I think this means languages). It’s definitely worth a look.

Rosetta Stone – I’m sure a lot of people have heard of this product. There are some great reviews and the brand has a strong reputation. I haven’t used it purely because I was told I didn’t really need to learn a language so just used free software. Knowing what I know now I would seriously consider it and I’m definitely tempted to use one of the products to learn a language in the future.

Mobile / Tablet Apps

Google Drive Just somewhere to chuck all your documents, from copies of driving licences and passports, through to music and photos. And the app means you can get access to all your important stuff wherever you are. You can find out a bit more about Google Drive in my post ‘Moving checklist – keeping your move abroad stress free‘. You get about 5GB storage for free and then if you need any more can you buy it. 5GB is loads though.

PinterestI used Pinterest to keep me motivated by following boards where people were sharing positive and motivational quotes. If I was feeling a bit low or worried about our decision it only took a few minutes reading through quotes to boost me back up. You could use it to get inspiration for locations, for a bit of humour or for pretty much anything else. Just jump on it and start following boards that you’re interest in.

SkypeThere’s a bit more info on Skype in my post ‘Cost effective ways of keeping in touch when you move abroad‘ but in summary, the app is a great extension to the Skype software. Once you’ve got an account you can use the app to call other Skype members for free over WiFi. You can use your data allowance too, which will cost depending on your tariff but will likely be less than calling other countries the normal way. The Skype app also let’s you send instant message to other Skyp users.

Moving abroad and bank accounts

Here are some links to resources relating to what to do with your bank account when you move abroadabroad.

Can I keep my bank account when I move abroad? – A post I wrote based on my experience of moving from the UK to Spain.

Can I keep my UK bank account? – A post from the site ‘’ with other information on what to do with your bank.

Barclays Bank – I don’t want to promote a bank too much but I have to say that having a Barclay’s account whilst abroad was one of the positives. Easy transferring of money, English speaking account manager and many other perks.

British Expats Forum – This is a good forum thread on the subject and should give you some good information. As the name suggest, more geared towards British folk

5 financial steps to take before moving abroad – A nice post from the Expat Women on what to do with your finances when you move abroad. Managing two bank accounts is a given.

Car hire

Easycar – I remember when the only easy company was easyJet. There seems to be an easy everything now. I’ve used Easycar for hire in the past and it was easy to arrange and the service was good. They’re pretty global although it looks like there are a few places they don’t service from looking at the coverage on their site. Russia doesn’t look to have much representation but I’d suggest you take a look for yourself to get specific details.

Don’t forget to  drop me a an email if you have any moving abroad resources that could help others get where they want to be.

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