How to pick the right removal company for your move abroad

Great news, you have made the bold decision to move abroad. So one of the biggest things you’ll need to decided now is which removal company to use if you’re planning on shipping your household items abroad.

It’s worth starting with the following few questions:

  • What kind of removal services would you like to use? – Full service, no packing, packing etc
  • How can the house movers help you? – What are you expecting from a removal company? What are the things you’re worried about in terms of packing and moving your stuff?
  • Where to search for one and how to choose among the different offers? – Are there any resources for these services? Can you negotiate on price? Where do you start?

Those are just some of thing that will start you thinking about the type of service you’re after. Actually, hiring the right moving company can prove to be much more of a challenge if you haven’t thought in detail about your expectations. So, you need to make a proper list of steps to choose the best in the business.

1. Get your priorities right

You need to decide exactly what you need a removal company to do for you. Do you want them to take full care of your removal or maybe just to help you with a few cumbersome pieces of furniture you have? Exactly what is it that you are looking for? You should make a removal checklist and specify what needs to be done. Then you should choose what you will do yourself and when you will need the removal company. There are a lot of things a moving company can do for you. Most offer house and office removals, furniture removals and provide storage space. Removal services are not only limited to a man and a van moving furniture for you. They can take care of everything you need to move out – from sorting and categorising your belongings to helping you unload at your new home. When you connect with them you need to specify which of all these tasks you want them do. Removal companies are quite flexible and can offer you a number of possibilities so make sure you specify your needs.

2. Searching for the right removal company to meet your needs

There are a few ways to locate a removal company but perhaps the best nowadays is simply search online. Most respectable removal companies will have a website and should be providing enough information for you to get a feel for what they have to offer. Take a good look at the comments and reviews from previous customers and checkout forum posts and discussions about the companies you’re looking at. This will help you make a better informed decision on which removal company will be the best fit. It’s also worth using social media and friends of friends who may have gone through the process of moving abroad to see if they have any recommendations and companies to avoid. Word of mouth is often pretty reliable and more so if coming from people you know and trust.

The more you know the better you can plan your removal. You should also consider your finances and choose the one who offers the best value removals that suits you best. Don’t overlook anything and take special care for the details. Don’t leave anything to chance!

3. Make a short list, and get in touch

Once you have a shortlist it’s really important to speak directly with each company, giving you an opportunity to talk through their services and to get a feel for how they treat customers. See for yourself if the removal company can meet your expectations and whether they are what you hope for. Take your time and don’t choose the first company that you speak to. It is not always the case that those offers / companies that pop up first in search engines are the best ones. You should look through as many offers as possible before deciding and choose the most suitable from your short list.


Moving your stuff abroad could be one of the most stressful things you have to organise and oversee. Just make sure you understand your own priorities and expectations so that you can find the company that best meets them. This will make choosing a removal company and working with them much easier for you.

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How to pick the right removal company for your move abroad
How to pick the right removal company for your move abroad
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